From Where I Stand

Photographic explorations in times of urgent change

From Where I Stand explores how a more sustainable, inclusive and empowered future might be achieved from various perspectives. The 21st century way of living is severely influenced by the complex interdependency of people, the environment and technological processes. Technology allows us to enhance our bodies, to have immediate access to information and only communicate with like-minded people, and to use the earth's resources for our own needs. Despite these advantages, these developments also lead to a many of disadvantages: Algorithms and filter bubbles influence our beliefs and actions. Not all people have equal access to resources; nature suffers from overexploitation.

From Where I Stand focuses on photographic practices at the crossroads of contemporary art, journalism and activism. For these artists, the photograph is a tool for visual research, which they have used to create multilayered narratives built on their thorough investigations and sensorial experiences of making the work. In doing so, they are aware of their own point of view and place those alongside the people who they have intensively collaborated with and who acted as the embodied experts of the subject matter at stake.

The Biennale provides a space for reflection and for the activation of our minds to think and see differently. And to act accordingly. From Where I Stand offers a platform for a stimulating and diverse range of global and local stories and events with which our daily lives and decisions are closely intertwined. The works presented can potentially accelerate the much-needed transition towards a greater balance between people, nature and technology.